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KDE Forklift Sweeper Features & Benefits

  • Does not need forklift hydraulic or electrical power to operate!
  • The KDE Forklift Sweeper is designed to be transported and propelled using the power and manoeuverability of a forklift.
  • No hydraulic connection is required!
  • No alterations or connections to the forklift other than a securing chain are needed!
  • Convenient access and storage!
    The Sweeper is the same width as a standard pallet, allowing passage through most areas and easy storage on a pallet or rack.
  • All wearing parts are replaceable!
    The two opening hoods allow easy access to the internals components for maintenance and adjustments.
  • Peace of mind!
    The KDE Forklift Sweeper has a full 12 month warranty, parts, backup and service.