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The Amazing KDE Forklift Sweeper resolves all your factory and warehouse floor sweeping needs

The sweeper easily picks up anything, leaving only a clean path. Closeup of forklift engaging the KDE Forklift Sweeper Attaching the KDE Forklift Sweeper to teh forklift is easy Sweeper emptying contents Well positioned access panels on the KDE Forklift Sweeper make maintenance a breeze!

1.  Versatile

The KDE Forklift Sweeper is a robust 'built to last' friction drive, hydraulic, rotary, collecting and dumping broom.

It simply attaches to the front of any standard forklift and is transported and propelled using the pushing power and maneuverability of the forklift. Designed for sweeping factory and warehouse floors, the sweeper is the same width as a standard pallet, allowing passage through most areas. The sweeper can operate in any direction and be moved in any direction and easily picks up anything, leaving only a clean path.

2.  Easy to use

No messy and expensive hydraulic hose connections and absolutely no alteration to the forklift is required!

Simply drive any forklift into the rear of the sweeper and attach the safety chain and the machine is ready to use. There are no other connections required.

Once its work is complete, the material is removed from the internal collection compartment by manually operating the floor release lever or remotely from the driver position using a simple trip cord.

The sweeper is shipped to you perfectly adjusted for general sweeping and collecting. If you need the sweeper to be adjusted for sweeping something specific, please let us know and we will be more than happy to adjust the sweeper accordingly for you.

3. Simple maintenance

Two access doors allow perfect internal inspection of the sweeper.

View the rotary broom and the KDE multipurpose hydraulic drive wheel, a unique patented power wheel that generates hydraulic pressure to power the sweeper instantly as the sweeper is moved in any direction.

4.  Tough machine for the job

The KDE Forklift Sweeper can take heavy knocks without damage.

Other makers of sweepers have fragile, protruding parts that are easily damaged when bumped. Our sweeper has all its wheels, handles and working parts either mounted internally or protected by the surrounding heavy duty bump bar.

If you're after a tough machine for the job, the KDE Forklift Sweeper is undoubtedly the strongest, most simple, versatile, easy-to-attach and maintenance free sweeper in the world.

We welcome all international enquiries.

Watch the KDE Forklift Sweeper in action

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